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It is so exciting to be apart of such a fantastic platform, I adore being an Ambassador for Positive Luxury who are on a mission to encourage brands to do better and inspire people to buy better!


Positive Luxury celebrates brands who act with respect for our world and the generations we have to come. Through the interactive Butterfly Mark, they have provided transparency for us, the consumers, to understand which brands are committed to being sustainable & practicing positive actions!


Positive Luxury interviewed me, here is a taster:

Positive Luxury:

How do you think people can be empowered to make more sustainable lifestyle choices?



Throwing the word ‘sustainable’ into a sentence & hoping people are going to light up & respond positively is not realistic because sustainability is not a sexy word, so naturally, it turns

people off.

Once people embrace the word ‘sustainable’ that is when the empowerment will begin! This is not going to happen overnight, but it is starting to happen slowly – look at Paris Fashion Week, when A-List stars attended events about re-usable textiles and recycling polyester. Seeing these role models take a stand and show an interest in this subject is a huge step, and it proves the the world is listening. 



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