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I am A fashion expert for QVC tv presenting live weekly 

QVC has broadcast operations in the US, Japan, Germany, UK, Italy & a joint venture in China. 
Worldwide, QVC reaches more than 360 million homes & has seven websites with more than 1 billion visits in 2016
Charlotte Day QVC
Dressing room selfie qvc .jpg

my message to those who watch me...

There used to be so many rules in fashion, you can’t wear this with that & so on, I love the fact that Designers are now pushing boundaries, encouraging & inviting us to push them too with our own day to day outfits; our wardrobes are less restricted now than ever before & that is exciting! Telling someone to follow the ‘rules’ of fashion or emitting some sort of pressure on women to dress a certain way is out of date & out of style, I want the women who watch me to have fun with fashion! Be empowered to try new things, have confidence, don’t feel pressure to wear certain styles, if is does not suit your body shape that is okay, know your body, know your shape and through trial and error find the silhouettes & the styles that best suit you & make you feel your best! 

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